Sue Store at Etsy

I grew up with silk. All Thai women do. I love silk. It is  natural fiber and it is beautiful. The silk production is really a part of the cottage industry in rural areas after harvest. Originally it is a woman’s past time hobby. I  thought of bringing Thai silk here and create this wonderful silk store. Not only I can
keep my silk memory, I can help this cottage industry in Thailand, I can create jobs for women and I can start a business and doing something I enjoy.

Business’s Philosophy: I want to create a niche market here—luxurious and
affordable. There are so many silk grades. Pick a right one is a trial and error, but I am getting comfortable with the silk I have and people I buy from. My sister is my representative. She knows what to look for. I also buy from other countries—India, Cambodia, China. But Thai silk is my favorite and most of our products are from Thailand. I design some of the patterns. It took them at least a month or more to fulfill my order. They will weave the silk yarns according to my order. The thickness of silk—2 ply, 4 ply silk—I use for the scarves and pouch wallets.

I have added handmade products from natural fiber such as cotton and linen products to our store.  Please check out our collection.

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